7 tips to boost your sales with killer web design secrets

November 18, 2019

If your website gets higher traffic but drives lower sales, it’s time to address the problem. Your website’s design might be responsible for the lower conversion rate.

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, you want your website visitors to buy your products or services. Or you want your leads to at least send an inquiry. This is called conversion. If your site has a lot of users but a lower conversion rate, you need to figure out why.

While multiple factors might be contributing to the problem, the design of your website might be a leading factor here. Web design affects buyer choices in powerful ways. Most people spend only around 90 seconds for product assessment on websites, according to a study.

About 94 per cent of users’ first experience on your website has to do with your website design. And more than 75 per cent users will assess your credibility based on the design of your site.

If your website is not driving sales, it’s time to rethink the design. Here are some tips to boost your sales with a killer web design.

Colour usage

Colour usage on your website affects buyer behaviour in different ways. The colour of the call-to-action (CTA) button is of utmost significance here. For example, the marketing automation company Performable increased conversions by 21 per cent by changing the CTA button colour from green to red. Ript Apparel saw a 6.3 per cent increase in conversions by changing the CTA button colour from green to yellow.

When deciding about colour usage on your website, keep your audience in mind. For example, if your potential customers are women, use blue, purple, pink, and green colours. When targeting men, use blue, black, and green. Do not use orange and brown because these are the least effective colours. Furthermore, using more white spaces on your website can create delightful experiences for users.

Mobile access

Over the last decade, the number of people accessing the internet from mobile devices has surpassed the number of people using computers for that purpose. What this means is that when you are designing your website, you must make it responsive. Be sure to optimize your website for mobile devices, lest you’ll lose business. The design should be such that it can adjust to various screen sizes and shapes without any problem. Users should be able to easily navigate on mobile devices.

Live chat

Most people prefer a quick online chat before proceeding to buy a product or service on a website. For this reason, many businesses have enabled chat options on their site. You may have already seen a live chat window pop up with a message upon visiting a website. A live chat can be helpful even if a visitor doesn’t use it. It indicates that you are available for help. It helps establish trust with your prospects.


Putting videos on your website will not only enhance the appearance of the site but also increase conversions and sales. Think about creating videos of your products and their benefits, how you make your products, your brand story, or product comparisons. Statistics show that most businesses experienced a massive increase of more than 144 per cent in conversion by placing product videos on their websites.

Ease of use

Put yourself in your website user’s shoes and scroll through your website. Is your website easy to use? Is it more accessible? Is it user-friendly? Did you experience any problem navigating through the site?

Do not push users to scroll your website and search for what they need. Instead, design your site in a way that lets users find their required items or information spontaneously. Be sure to place the most vital information on the front/home page and from there, make the navigation easy and simple.

Social proofs and trust symbols

Use social proofs and trust symbols on your site. For example, connect your website to your Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, and Twitter account. Badges from review sites and your PayPal certification logo can go a long way toward establishing trust with your prospects. Testimonials from your happy customers can also help drive more sales. Be sure to put these on your website.

Optimise your website load speed

Prospects are less likely to convert if they are met with poor design and terribly slow website load speed. They will exit your website within seconds. According to a study at Stanford, 75 per cent of prospects judge the credibility of a business based on the design of the site.

Moreover, Kissmetrics findings show that 25 per cent of users exit a website by the time the load time reaches four seconds. This is a considerable number. Most business owners neglect this aspect of web development.

Be sure to boost your website load speed by reducing file and photo sizes and maintaining excellent quality. Using colours wisely and having more white space on the site can help increase site speed. When working with your web designer, make sure to discuss the site load speed and how it can be improved.

Get started

Do not withhold on the design side of developing a useful and sales-driven website. Work with your website designer to implement these tips, and you’ll see orders rolling in.

Looking for a website design that can boost sales? Contact us now to get a quote. We respond pretty quickly.

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